Since 1987, the first step on the road to success
The forwarding company “MBS Speditionsgesellschaft” was founded in 1987 with only five members of staff. At that time, the company provided services in the land and sea transport industry. However, MBS Logistics has experienced consistent growth since its foundation over 30 years ago – from both a personnel and structural point of view and in terms of its range of services.

Today: Growth driven by success
The company’s success is reflected in its growth: This long-established company now has over 500 forwarding and logistics experts on its books who are spread out across 30 locations worldwide. The partner network is made up of 946 offices in 144 countries and over 100,000 employees. The MBS Group has connections to the most far-flung corners of the globe, highly-qualified experts and expertise in every area of logistics.

In the future: Live and breathe globalisation
MBS takes a forward-thinking, innovative and flexible approach to its operations in order to ensure long-term success. The company focusses on development and strategic, healthy growth: IT development, e-commerce, new, innovative products and, finally, site development. MBS lives and breathes globalisation and will continue to do so!

  • Worldwide: 2014-today

    2016 and in the future: worldwide

    The aim which MBS Logistics has consistently pursued is to continue improving our service for customers throughout the world by making our network more dense, our customer care more localised, our routes shorter and our transport faster.

    2015: Merger 

    2015 again proved to be a year of particular importance to MBS Speditionsgesellschaft mbH. The company decided to merge the three strong arms of MBS, road transport, sea cargo and air cargo, into a joint company MBS Logistics GmbH. Under strong management with our headquarters in Cologne, MBS is now in a position to exploit and utilise our strengths and potential even better. Into the future with combined strength and stability: this is the company’s aim.

    2015: Munich

    Since April 2015, MBS has also conquered the heartland of Bavaria: with our site in Hallbergmoos at Munich Airport, the company is directly placed in a key location for the international transshipment of goods in Bavaria. After Stuttgart and Nuremberg, Munich is our third-largest branch in the southern region of Germany, and the tenth MBS Location in Germany overall.  This further increases the density of the MBS service network for our suppliers, customers, sales and production partners. 

    2014: Rotterdam 

    Expansion is continuing unimpeded – at carefully selected sites. With our branch in Rotterdam in 2014, the company has guaranteed itself a place in the second largest city of the Netherlands, directly adjacent to the largest sea port in Europe, which is at the same time the third largest in the world. A factor not to be ignored by a company like MBS.

    2014: The Asian market

    The Asian market is again the focus of the company, which is why our presence in China is being increasingly strengthened. In addition to the branches in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tianjin, Qingdao, Ningbo, Xiamen, Shenzhen and Dalian already mentioned, in subsequent years the MBS have opened sales offices in Zhongshan, Nanchang and Dongguan, the better to serve demand for international transport to and from Asia. This has enabled MBS to increase the density of it´s network within China. Suppliers, sales and production partners, and of course our customers, are therefore enjoying a service which is increasingly localised.


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  • Globalisation: 2008-2014

    2014: Singapore and Vietnam

    In addition to China, our aim has been to set up further sites in other Asian countries, and increasingly to establish the company in the Asian market. A further branch was therefore opened in Singapore in 2014. And by forming a new national organisation in Vietnam on 1st July 2014, MBS continued on the course for growth. Since then the company has maintained a presence in Asia, with a total of 10 strategically networked operations and 90 employees. The main branch in Vietnam was set up in Ho Chi Minh City– partnership offices followed in the cities of Hai Phong, Da Nang and Qui Nhon. This means that MBS now has a geographical presence throughout Vietnam. With GDP of around US$ 322 billion, the country has for years been in the Top 50 economies, and is ranked 15th in terms of population, with over 90 million inhabitants making it one of the most highly populated countries on earth. Demand for industrial products and machinery in particular, spare parts, highly specialist goods and niche products of all kinds makes the rapidly developing country of Vietnam a very interesting market for all industrial nations.

    2012: Nuremberg 

    And in Germany itself, there was not long to wait for the next site development: improving the logistics network in Germany the MBS continued to be at least as important as pursuing the path of globalisation. Since 1st July 2012, MBS has therefore also had a presence in Nuremberg – one of the most important industrial sites in Germany. The city’s airport is one of the Top 10 major German airports in traffic terms. And with its port on the Main-Danube canal, this metropolitan region is also connected to international waterways.

    2008 bis 2012: China

    The company has consistently pursued a path towards globalisation, and initial successes soon proved the correctness of this philosophy. On 1st October 2008, MBS opened a branch in Shanghai – after Hong Kong a further important overseas site. And that was just the start: one year later, another branch office was opened in Xiamen. MBS employees there have since then taken over all logistics activities in the Chinese provinces of Fujian and Jiangxi. 

    In 2010, two further sites were opened which are of central importance for the growth of the company in China: Shenzhen and Ningbo. Shenzhen city, one of China’s great metropolises, has one of the largest airports in the country. Because of its port, Ningbo is one of the most important sites for logistics in Asia, and is also a significant industrial site for the chemical and textiles industry.

    During 2011 to 2012, further branches followed in the cities of Qingdao and Tianjin, as well as in the port of Dalian.


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  • On course for success: 2005-2008

    2008: MBS Cargo GmbH 

    To exploit the potential of the Hamburg site more profitably, on 1st July 2008 MBS opened a second subsidiary in this great city on the Elbe. Since then, as well as the traditional range of transport services (air and sea freight, road transport), MBS Cargo has offered additional services such as ship´s spares, express courier services, on-board couriers and 24/7 services.

    2007: Hong Kong 

    At an early stage MBS Logistics focused on the most important logistics market: China. In 2007 the company opened a Hong Kong office. This made it possible for MBS to carry out its own customs clearance for air and sea freight shipments to and from China, and laid an important foundation stone for further development in the Asian market.

    2006 to 2008: Poland and Stuttgart 

    MBS’ development was then unstoppable, and as a logical consequence of its previous successes, the company opened further centres of operation in 2006 in Wroclaw (Breslau) and Stuttgart. Another important step in the direction of globalisation was also the opening of the Warsaw branch in 2008.

    2005/2006: Mentfield Logistics and Publiship Logistics 

    In the same year, the MBS-Group expanded the services with a new subsidiary. In a major joint venture with the largest private Israeli freight-forwarding company (Mentfield [1983] Ltd. International Freight Forwarders), Mentfield Logistics Germany GmbH has since conquered the world, working closely with MBS.

    And just one year later, the company committed to forming and establishing another subsidiary: 2006 saw the creation of Publiship Logistics GmbH, with its headquarters in the financial heartland of Frankfurt.

    2005: Hamburg

    Not wishing to miss out in the north of the country, our next port of call was Hamburg, the city with the most important sea port in Germany, and therefore one of the most important sites in the logistics industry. MBS Logistics GmbH Hamburg was formed in 2005.


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  • Growth: 1993-2005

    2004: Pirmasens

    MBS continued down the route of expanding geographical coverage within Germany to extend and improve our service offer to customers. In 2004 the company opened a branch in the Rhineland-Pfalz town of Pirmasens.

    2003: Portugal

    Initial growth within Germany then turned into the globalisation philosophy which informs the MBS Group today. The first international branch – in Portugal – was opened in the same year as the Cologne Logistics Centre. Porlogis Trânsitos e Logística (Lda.) was formed with the participation of MBS. This enabled traffic to Portugal to expand, and Porlogis to be profitably integrated into the MBS network.

    2001 to 2003: Dusseldorf and Cologne

    By 2001 we had reached another turning point: the success of the company and its constant growth demanded more extensive expansion measures: after opening a branch in Dusseldorf in 2001, MBS built a logistics centre in Cologne at the end of 2003. Over a surface area of 22,000 m², a warehouse with high-bay storage for 14,000 pallet spaces and a transshipment warehouse covering 5,000 m² were created. The warehouse, with its 21 ramp gates operates 24/7. The office area, which covers 2,800 m², benefits from high-tech equipment, including a fibre optic cable network. The new building project in Cologne: the largest investment by the MBS-Group to date. 

    1998: Frankfurt

    The history of MBS’ development continued apace: at the end of 1998, the company opened a site which was to prove crucial to the development of our business: Kelsterbach, close to Frankfurt Airport. A strategically important step: proximity to Frankfurt Rhine-Main Airport has enabled us to offer our customers even more efficient service.

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  • The beginnings: 1987-1993

    1991/1992 – Sea Cargo and Air Cargo 

    In 1991, MBS’s business area was expanded with the foundation of Air Cargo GmbH. This step launched our intercontinental air freight activities. One year later our Sea Cargo GmbH company was formed, to complement the portfolio of services on offer, consisting from then on of road transport, air and sea freight.

    1989 to 1993: another move, and our first branches 

    For six years MBS continued to develop on this site, until finally we ran out of space there also. Another move became inevitable. In 1993 the company moved into bigger premises not far from Welserstraße 6 – only a few hundred metres away. Even before this, the continuing success of the company had led to the formation of a first branch office in Troisdorf (1989) and a further one in Düren (1991). MBS was set on course for growth.

    1987: Foundation

    The story of MBS Speditionsgesellschaft mbH started on 1st March 1987 in a small warehouse in Siegburg. But in no time at all – that same year – the building was bursting at the seams, and the company moved to a central location in Gremberghoven. The business premises at Welserstraße 6 became the company’s new home.

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